Kea is a unique destination for those who enjoy diving tourism due to the fact that four very interesting shipwrecks lie on the seabed and which have marked the most recent history of the island.


In 1975, further out of the port at the depth of 120 meters, Jacques-Yves Cousteau discovered the shipwreck of  “Britannic”, which had sunk accidentally after being hit by a German mine in November 1916, whilst sailing tonthe hospital station of Lemnos. It had been transporting British wounded soldiers.


ii. “ PATRIS”
In February of 1868, eight years after its construction, the luxury steamship “Othon”, which after the overthrow of King Othon was renamed “Patris” hit a reef further out from Koundouros, during its journey from Piraeus to Syros. Of the almost 500 passengers, all survived. The ship was discovered 138 years later and perhaps is the only one of its kind in the Mediterranean.
Today it is considered to be one of the ten best diving destinations in Greece.


iii. “JUNKERS 52”
At a depth of 65 meters an unknown aeroplane was discovered in the spring of 2009. It was a three-engine transporter Junkers 52, which had taken part in military enterprises of the German army in the Aegean sea, specifically in the battle of Crete in 1941 and in the battle of Leros in 1943. It was shot down in September of 1943.


In September of 2008, a luxury liner named S/S Burdigala, requisitioned by the French army was accidentally discovered. It had been built in 1897 and was 180 meters in length. It was hit by a mine from a German U73 submarine, the same one that sank the Britannic a week later.